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Our support doesn't stop at funding. Innovation Catalyst aids in the management and continuous operations of the companies we invest in, taking your small-business to the next level. 

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When you invest in local entrepreneurs, you not only build a stronger portfolio, you also build stronger communities. Become a partner and witness your impact right here at home.



Innovation Catalyst is always searching for business experts willing to share their knowledge. Join our mission to assist new and upcoming entrepreneurs in their journey.           


Innovation Catalyst is deeply concerned about the devastation of our community due to the flood last year. We are a Baton Rouge-based nonprofit whose mission is to support entrepreneurs and to assist in developing their creative ideas. As the old saying goes: “necessity is the mother of invention”. There is a tremendous amount of necessity this past year, we want to encourage the community in developing their creative solutions to address disaster related problems. Louis Freeman, Jr. (CEO of Innovation Catalyst), understands this, as he had been displaced to Baton Rouge from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.