Innovation Catalyst is deeply concerned about the devastation of our community due to the flood last year. We are a Baton Rouge based non-profit whose mission is to support entrepreneurs and to assist in developing their creative ideas. As the old saying goes: “necessity is the mother of invention", and because there is a tremendous amount of necessity this past year, we want to encourage the community in developing their creative solutions to address disaster related problems. Louis Freeman, Jr. (CEO of Innovation Catalyst), understands first hand, as he had been displaced to Baton Rouge from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. 

Accordingly, we have come up with The Innovation Catalyst Challenge!  If you have an innoavative idea or a creative solution to a disaster related problem, we want to help you turn it into a business!

If you’re interested in bringing the idea to life, we’ll connect you with the resources to get started.  Here’s what we want you to do: Take a minute to tell us about your idea (no idea is too crazy!) by filling out the information below, and we will get back to you.  

Innovation Catalyst is also a great conduit for those who want to provide money to help our innovative thinkers bring their ideas to the market. Accordingly, if you don’t have an idea, but want to help others turn their idea into a business that solves problems for our community, please donate HERE and let Innovation Catalyst, a 501(c)3, put your tax deductible donation to work!

Submit your application or make your tax deductible donation today!

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