3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Fail To Do

I’ve been an investor long enough to know that almost everyone has great ideas. From getting a charge out of making everyday tasks easier to revolutionizing payment processing for businesses, innovation is a product of necessity, timing, and a tipping of the risk-reward scale.

Quite simply, if you’ve had a great idea simmering on the back burner, it’s time to put it on the plate, and serve it.

Get out.

They say you get out what you put in, and sometimes that means you have to get out. Literally. If you stay inside your own head, every idea is a good one. It’s only when you engage with real investors, real end-users, and the general public, you can determine if your ideas are truly viable.

Where should you go? Start with where you are. Here in Louisiana, entrepreneurial events and start-up conferences are designed to let light bulbs turn on together. You’ll get to practice your pitch, learn vital networking skills, and meet the who's who of investors. Your next chance to rub elbows with the next who’s who is at New Orleans Entrepreneurial Week from March 19th to March 24th, 2017.

Get in front of people.

Once you’ve attended a variety of entrepreneurial events, you’ll have a better idea on how to structure your goals and messaging into manageable pieces. If you have never given a pitch before, be a part of the audience and watch other entrepreneurs show off the the brains and brawn behind their ideas. Once you find your voice in the mix, you can work on how to make it loud, clear, and convincing.

Marketing and communication are where a lot of entrepreneurs misfire. While all the algorithms and solutions may be laid out neatly in your head, it’s wise to approach your idea from another angle so that you can effectively communicate your business plan. After all, if your potential investors and customers do not understand your value, they won’t pay you for it. Use words and voice your audience likes to hear, and one with which they can understand and identify. And if you can’t do it, get someone on your team who can.

Get started.

As the Tony Gaskin quote goes, “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Successful entrepreneurs know that ideas don’t change the world; putting those ideas into marketable action does. We’ve powered many ideas grown right here in Louisiana, and the ones that stand out have shown just as much initiative as they have innovation.

Don’t wait. Learn how we can help you get rolling.